Adobe Experience Manager

Our team of experienced and certified AEM professionals can help you architect, design and implement experience management solutions using the powerful and industry leading Experience Management platform from Adobe. We have worked with some of the largest retail brands in the industry and have extensive expertise implementing AEM solutions including integrating AEM with eCommerce systems.

Adaptive Web Experience Management with Sitecore 8

At Xngage we don't implement CMS based websites. Instead, we deliver world class creative execution on top of the industry leading Web Experience Management platform from Sitecore. Marketers can create relevant, adaptive and engaging conversations based on built-in analytics and deliver individualized content experiences to unique visitors in real-time. Pairing Sitecore with InsiteCommerce using our implementation services, allows you to create innovative solutions powered by industry leading technologies.

Experience management with Open-Source

Not always is a commercial CMS required to meet your business needs and to realize your digital vision. We have deep market knowledge of industry leading Forrester & Gartner selections and understand these platforms on a deep level. But we also have a broad understanding of the open-source ecosystem. Let us help you make the right choice: an independent choice and a choice that is aligned with your payback expectations and with your actual digital marketing needs as well as your digital maturity level. We firmly believe that good solutions are solutions of the right fit.

Connected Interactions and Personalized Content

Contextual, relevant, and personal interactions across touch points are powered by industry leading experience management platforms AEM and Sitecore.